Digitalization Is The Key To The Development Of Five Trends Of Garment Industry

Nowadays, scientific and technological innovation has profoundly changed people’s way of life, and the development of “clothing”, which ranks first in “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, must adapt to and even lead the changes brought about by the development of science and technology. In the future, the development blueprint of clothing industry will be deeply affected by scientific and technological innovation, and will be fully digitized.
As the representative of traditional manufacturing industry, clothing has been developing along the track of traditional production mode. The development of clothing industry is restricted by the factors of intensive labor force, high-intensity operation and low production efficiency. With the continuous progress of clothing digital technology, more and more intelligent software and automatic clothing equipment will solve the development problems of the clothing industry, and constantly help improve the overall efficiency of the clothing industry.

Digitalization is the mode of clothing production in the future
It is the mainstream production mode of clothing industry to use mechanical equipment to carry out flow operation. Facing the problems of recruitment, cost and efficiency, garment industry enterprises must arm themselves with clothing technology, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and accelerate the transformation of production mode.
With the in-depth research and development of clothing technology and equipment, more and more high-efficiency, automatic and humanized clothing equipment has replaced the traditional clothing equipment. For example, intelligent cloth drawing and computer cutting machine have changed the operation mode of manual cloth drawing and manual cutting, which has greatly improved the efficiency; the clothing equipment such as embroidery, printing, home textile and special sewing equipment have improved the production efficiency in an all-round way.
In the future, garment production will move towards the digital era. New technologies such as 3D technology, robot operation and automation technology application, as well as a complete set of flowing, modern and digital solutions will be applied. The digital production mode will subvert the traditional production mode and promote the upgrading and development of the clothing industry.
At present, RFID technology has been applied to the field of clothing production line management in the industry, which rewrites the history that the current hanging production line in the world can not produce small batch, multi variety and various kinds of complex clothing at the same time, and solves the “bottleneck” in the production process management of the traditional garment industry from sewing to the following process.
The continuous progress of new technologies and products of digitization, automation and intelligence has absolute value embodiment for enterprises and employees. It has changed the operation mode of traditional clothing industry unprecedentedly. The clothing industry ushered in the digital production mode and entered a new era.

Post time: Aug-25-2020